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Auctioning your real estate is all about advantages:
    1) You can set a minimum price -- if nobody bids that price or above,
    you don't have to sell!

    2) You cash out of the property generally faster than listing the
    property for sale by traditional means.  In most cases, an auction for
    real estate can be held within 30 days of signing a contract.  Even
    sooner than that if your records are in order and/or you own the
    property outright.

    3) The competitive bidding process can result in a higher price.

    4) A Real Property Auction can be combined with a Personal
    Property Auction for maximum financial effect.  Not only do you sell
    the property, you can sell all that stuff in the attic!  This has another
    interesting effect on your auction -- it will tend to increase attendance
    at your auction.  People who won't come out to buy real estate will
    come out to buy personal property, and vice versa.  But you never
    know how much money someone who came to buy real estate might
    spend on personal property, or if someone who cam looking for
    antiques might bid on your real estate!

    5) Auctions of real property generally require some sort of proof of
    qualification to buy before bidding.  This can help keep you from
    offering the property to someone who can't get a loan to pay for it.

    6) If you don't get your price at auction, we can list it for a traditional
    sale right away and begin marketing your property immediately.
    Conversely, if you list your property with me and for some reason
    need to cash out immediately, we can (with some exceptions)
    usually set up an auction within 30 days.

It's all about choice, flexibility, and options for my clients.  Because to Jerry Jarman, CSP -- Real Estate is More than a Building, It's an Investment!